Dave Chappelle's comedy was one of the saving graces of the of the George W Bush administration, and with three comedy specials coming down the pike on Netflix this year, we're so glad he's back to hold our hands through the *hard swallow* Donald Trump years. During a comedy set at the Savoy in Inglewood, Chappelle got frustrated at the amount of people filming him on their phones and threatened to walk. However, when he noticed a Trump supporter in the crowd getting escorted out by security, he got back into the spirit of the thing and commenced with some light roasting. "I've never seen a motherfucker get circled by security whilst wearing an argyle sweater," he laughed as the man was apparently removed from the club.

Watch the entire roast below...

Splash image via Twitter

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Bushwig Came Back With a Bang

Introduction by Kenna McCafferty / Photography and interviews by Serichai Traipoom