Watch Casey Jane Ellison Hilariously Take On Art Basel Miami Beach

by Elizabeth Thompson

Last we left What the F*shion and Touching the Art's very funny Casey Jane Ellison, she was lobbing her signature hard-hitters like "what is art? Who cares? Why?" at art world bigwigs including Catherine Opie and the New York Times' Jori Finkel. And now Ellison is back with five new Touching the Art episodes set at the rich-people-being-monsters clusterfuck that is Art Basel Miami Beach. Ellison and her character's perfectly toxic combination of narcissism, self-loathing and general obliviousness all delivered through a nasally Valley girl brogue is the best mirror possible for the absurdity of Art Basel -- and we say that as the people who threw a fancy dinner party in a parking garage this year. Ellison made five Art Basel videos in total, and we're featuring the fifth in the series because it made us deeply uncomfortable and features a cringe-worthy interview about pubic hair with an amused Marilyn Minter.  Watch them all in the player linked above.

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