As pop stars go, it's safe to say Carly Jepson is one of the brightest in the biz. The girl knows her way around a hit. After all, is the queen of everything. She's also building her own business empire --- one Japanese shampoo commercial at a time.

For a hair-care line called "Moist Diane," no less.

Again, that's, "Moist Diane."

Soundtracked to "I Really Like You," the ad is a short, thrilling tale of Moist Diane longing and Moist Diane confession.

In it, Carly sees a young woman sitting on a bus, morosely staring out the window. Carly and the girl's eyes meet, Carly gets on board, takes her by the hand and guides her to an airport with a gaggle of women in tow, so the girl can give her boyfriend a proper farewell. At the end, everyone dances while the couple kiss (and levitate?).

Not sure what any of this has to do with hair, but I cried real tears. Moist.

Watch below and let Moist Diane wash over you.

[h/t Pop Crush]

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