Our girl Brit Brit has released a music video for her sensualé new single, 'Make Me,' and it is pretty much guaranteed to hit all of the major Britney Spears pleasure receptors in your brain. The plot line is delightful nonsense - Brit Brit and her friends hold 'auditions' for a bunch of hunks doin' hunk stuff and then she picks one and has sex with him while her friends watch?

It has everything...

True, authentic friendship.

Britney's signature hat n' bra look. If I could commit to one thing in my life the way Brit Brit has committed to black lace...

A backlit hallway.

Hunks pretending to play instruments and generally just hunkin' around. Look, this hunk discovered a new chord!

A verse from this guy which may inspire some soul-searching about whether or not a white rapper named G-Eazy could get it.

Sexy rose pile. Every woman's dream.

Watch the video below...

According to the gossip goblinz over at TMZ, the original version of the video was a David LaChapelle joint which was canned because it was too darn sexy. If you watch the clip, I think you can agree that it is exactly the right amount of sexy.

Her fans have already amassed over 10,000 signatures on a Change.org petition to release the original video.

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