Directed by PAPER faves Inez & Vinoodh and premiered this morning by Noisey, "lionsong" triggers the typically Bjorkian cascade of obscure associations and creepy feelings. The a cappella intro evokes a satanic army of Imogen Heaps; the clenching heart and wavy black borders induce memories (admittedly vague ones) of being an embryo; the mask of gold facepaint could belong to the deity of a forgotten sect, or to Klytus from Flash Gordon. At the center of this dense cloud is Bjork herself, wearing a black latex suit and the pelt of a giant sea anemone, lamenting a lost love. Even more affecting than the stunning visuals is the moment when she looks directly at the camera, holding out her hands, and says, "Somehow, I'm not too bothered / I'd just like to know."

Watch the video, above. Full story at Noisey.
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