*A thong leotard takes a long drag from a Camel Crush* "Eric Prydz? I haven't heard that name in years..."

For the very first day of Love Magazine's Advent Calendar, they enlisted Bella Hadid and Rankin to recreate the music video for Eric Prydz's aerobics n' ass epic, "Call On Me." In case you're having a hard time remembering "Call on Me," it was the only Steve Winwood-centered electro pop hit of 2004 and also of any other year.

This might jog your memory...

Man, the early-aughts interpretation of the '80s is SUCH a look.

Let's see how Bella Hadid did with her 'teens interpretation of the aughts' interpretation of the '80s...

Not bad, but definitely needs more aggressive thrusting and awkwardly intense eye contact. If you really want to see how it's done, look no further than the 1985 gem that started this whole string of events, Perfect. The movie stars John Travolta as a Rolling Stone reporter sent to "investigate" Jamie Lee Curtis' aerobics studio for a story about how "fitness clubs are the singles bars of the '80s," and spoiler alert, what he ends up finding is *love.* And a drug ring. Highly recommend, five stars.

Where's this remake, huh?

Splash image via Love/Rankin

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