Bella Hadid and The Weeknd have come face to face once again at at Paris Fashion Week and frankly it looked like a nightmare.

While recent H&M collaborator The Weeknd performed at their Paris show, Bella walked the runway then had to circle on over and jam out to the sweet strains of her ex's voice while he looked down at her.

Gigi was also present on the runway, clasping Bella's hand and hugging her throughout Abel's performance – clearly providing a much-needed source of support for her younger sister. To be fair, the situation seemed very bleak.

Note the subtle head turn, which translates directly to "kill me, this is the worst."

Then of course the hug a.k.a "I would rather die than have to dance right now."

Bella is also staying just several blocks down from The Weeknd and new girlfriend Selena Gomez in Paris.

Man, that's rough.

[h/t The Cut]
Images via Instagram

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