Another baby Yeezy video has sprung up online, this time featuring 2002 Kanye explaining his left forearm tattoo. The tattoo, a permanent reminder to Ye whence he came, lists the career-shaping songs he produced in his early days -- particularly Jay Z's "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" and "Heart of the City" -- as well as songs by Beanie Sigel and his own music. North is going to have to keep the tattoo she secretly gets with Penelope Disick on a ditch day from Harvard-Westlake under wraps because Kanye won't approve. Instead, as West predicts in a prophetic moment from the clip, "When my family is in a million dollar home, and they look back, they say, 'Dad, why I can't get no tattoos? Why you got that tattoo?' I'll be like, 'Look, this tattoo is the reason why we here. Why we right here, now." Watch above.

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