Azealia Banks, the one problematic fave to rule them all, is starring in our dear sweet RZA's new musical romance about a young rapper trying to find her voice called Love Beats Rhymes, and the trailer dropped today. The film also stars Jill Scott and Common with a dash of Red Man, and seems to show a softer side of Banks, who also recently surprised us all when she apologized to Nicki Minaj for all her "catty shit." If I tell you that there is a scene where her character raps in a poetry class for a mentor figure that wants her to "go deeper" and that she falls in love with a slam poet, you probably already have a good idea in your mind where they're going with this, right?

Love Beats Rhymes arrives in theaters and VOD on 12/1.

Watch the "Love Beats Rhymes" trailer below...

[youtube expand=1]

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