In a recent interview for her new VH1 talk show, Amber Rose and plus-size model Tess Holliday dished about pregnancy sex -- and it's just as juicy as you'd think.

Representing both ends of the horn-having spectrum -- since we all know hormones are weird things that can render even the most ravenous of sex-cravers quite chaste (or vice versa) -- Rose and Holliday spoke about both of their personal pregsex experiences.

"We had sex two days before I went to have the baby," Holliday said. "Constantly I wanted to have sex. If anything [my husband] was the one that was like, 'Really?'." A feeling that Blac Chyna apparently feels too, as Rose said, "She might get mad when I say this, but Chyna — she says she's always horny all the time. Sorry, Chy!"

However, Rose said she was exactly the opposite when pregnant with her and Wiz Khalifa's son, Sebastian. Even though Wiz apparently wanted to do it all the time.

"It was just like, 'Fine,'" she said. "I would act like I was into it but I'm like, 'Please just hurry up. Get off me.'"

"He loved my body," she added later. "Then I was nine months pregnant and he was like, 'The baby's kind of big now. It's a little weird. I feel like I'm going hit my son in the head.'"

Watch the full video below.

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