Whether pillaging Whole Foods while high on wisdom teeth pain meds, getting overwhelmed by fro-yo, or blogging about pasta at the Al Dente Dentist (seriously, check that link), Broad City is obsessed with food. So it's unsurprising to see the show's stars and creators, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, drop by Bon Appetit for a blindfolded taste test. These weren't your standard munchies, instead a collection of New York's finest and funkiest, including cookie shots from Dominique Ansel, pickled herring from Russ & Daughters, and wasabi caviar. Abbi and Ilana took turns tasting and guessing what eccentric foodstuff they'd put in their mouths, with plenty of hints from their costar to guide them. In between each round of fancy food, the duo palate cleansed with some considerably-less-unique Budweiser. Consider this video your palate cleanser, getting you ready to consume tomorrow's season three premiere (YASS QUEEN).

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Photography by Kristina Varaksina / Makeup by Agus Suga