So South Korean YouTube make-up guru Park Hye Min, aka PONY, has just posted a crazy beauty tutorial that actually transforms her into a Taylor Swift doppelganger. And while her skill is undoubtedly mind-blowing, as a Korean-American woman, the implications of this video are particularly irksome -- especially when you put this in the context of Korea being a country with the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. Going under the knife there to fit an ideal, blatantly Eurocentric standard of beauty -- big, creased eyes and narrow noses -- is alarmingly de rigueur, so it's kind of fucked up that this exists. Like, I'm one of the few cousins in my family without plastic surgery and it's kind of disturbing to watch this beautiful woman attempt to transform herself into Taylor Swift, aka the epitome of whiteness, but then again, to each her own...and I guess she did achieve her goal of looking exactly like Taylor.

Watch her transform herself below.

[h/t i-D]

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