There's a special kind of schadenfreude that happens when a bunch of unsuspecting culture snobs get pranked into believing some low-brow item (or fake band) is the next hot thing (see: Jimmy Kimmel's recent joke on SXSW-goers). As is often the case -- especially when there are cameras -- most people are hesitant to admit their ignorance and instead lie their asses off. This phenomenon happened yet again, this time over in the Netherlands, when a local online TV channel called LifeHunters placed some 10 euro Ikea art inside a Dutch museum and got a bunch of art people to wax poetic about it. Their reactions to this painting, which gives the stuff you see at Bed Bath & Beyond a run for its money, is matched only by the ludicrous prices they estimate it's worth. Eventually the gag is revealed and most everyone takes it in stride -- that is, everyone except for a pair of intense-looking dudes who looked like they stepped out of a time machine sent from 1995.

[h/t Hyperallergic]
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