Premiered at her landmark MoMA retrospective last year, Björk's heartwrenching "Black Lake" music video served as the definitive centerpiece for the exhibition -- and for good reason.

But how was that intricate, chasm-filled visual actually executed? Well, now you can finally find out via a behind-the-scenes video that documents the "making of" it all -- complete with early storyboards, conceptual breakdowns and more.

An immersive, dazzling experience facilitated by frequent collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang and VFX studio Wolf & Crow, the documentary details the creation of the massive 10-minute-long video that follows Björk as she slowly regains the strength to rejoin the outside world -- aka one of the better visual metaphor for heartbreak we've seen. But don't take it from me, watch the full documentary to get a better idea below.

[h/t The Creators Project]


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