Samantha Mattice-Lowery a.k.a. Sam Lao is a 27-year-old, Dallas, TX-based artist with a unique sound and visual identity. Her latest offering, "Pineapple," is a summery call-out anthem accompanied by a colorful video geared toward women. In it, she explores unlikely themes.

Sam tells us that "Pineapple" is about a domestic male fantasy -- "I'm referring to how you would tie up your hair when hanging around the house/relaxed. They wannabe close to me and see me in my most relaxed state."

Summer is officially cat-calling season, so "Pineapple" is a godsend, imploring women to rebuff male advances, resist the male gaze and be confident, to not "bow to the will of others just because they have taken notice of how amazing you are and want a piece of you."

Watch the video below.

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