Warner Brothers Gangster Collection 4 On DVD!

Get out your tommy guns, the Warner Brothers Gangster Collection Vol. 4 is out on DVD! Warner Brothers Studio really started the whole tough guy gangster series of films with Little Caesar and Public Enemy and when audiences begged for more they churned out a lot of gritty action-packed films. In this terrific collection, there's a nice mix of comedy and the bullets, and on one separate disc a documentary Public Enemies The Golden Age Of The Gangster Film, which explores the significance of the genre.

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938), included in th collection, stars Edward G. Robinson as a doctor who goes undercover and infiltrates a gang of crooks to study the pathology of the criminal, with Humphrey Bogart as a ruthless hood and the wonderful Claire Trevor as a tough dame. Kid Galahad (1937) again stars Robinson as a fight promoter with a young Bette Davis as a moll and Wayne Morris as a bellhop groomed for heavyweight fighter. Invisible Stripes (1939) stars Humphrey Bogart and George Raft as ex-cons trying to go straight. The Little Giant (1933) is about a bootlegger dealing with the end of prohibition, and stars Edward G. Robinson and Mary Astor. Larceny, Inc. (1942) is a screwball gangster comedy with Edward G. Robinson, who leaves Sing Sing prison and opens a luggage shop (so he can tunnel into the vault of the bank next door). This romp co-stars Jane Wyman, Broderick Crawford and Anthony Quinn as a creepy hood. What's great about these box sets is the extras -- short subjects, coming attractions and those heavenly Warner Brothers cartoons!

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