Brooklyn-based indie band Walking Shapes, who recently released the deluxe edition of their debut LP, Taka Come On (which came out last year), sounds a bit like a cross between Arcade Fire and Vacationer, Black Keys and Beach House. If those comparisons sound like contradictions, it's because they are: Walking Shapes manages to straddle the line between the mellow and catchy and the exciting and energetic. Having toured this past year, playing shows like the Isle of Light Festival in the Dominican Republic and SXSW in Austin, the band's five members built up a library of personal iPhone clips, which they have now assembled into a new video for their bonus track, "Pool." The resulting behind-the-scenes look at the music scene makes us wish we were there with them, and leaves us depressed at the lack of surf and sun on the east coast. Sorry New York, the Rockaways are no Dominican Republic.
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