The Louis Vuitton resort show at the Bob Hope estate.

I have always been a fan of what i like to call "folly architecture" -- buildings that are insane and over the top but fabulous. And so It was exciting for me to see the recent fashion extravaganzas put on by big brands to show off their cruise collections at a few of these spots. Louis Vuitton's show used Bob Hope's Palm Springs flying saucer-like space-age home (designed by the legendary John Lautner) and Christian Dior used Pierre Cardin's crazy bubble palace in the South of France (designed in the late eighties by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag) as their surreal backdrops.

The Dior resort show at Pierre Cardin's home.

I just wanted to suggest a few more architectural follies for designers to check out when looking for their next cruise locations.

Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti outside Phoenix, Arizona

Santiago Calatrava's opera house in Valencia, Spain

A small church in Sea Ranch, California

A synagogue on White Street in NYC

A flying saucer house in Joshua Tree, California

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