This weekend, two voguers demonstrated that the death drops certainly don't stop once you leave the ball.

Brandon Harrison, Daniel Girón, and Tracey Wong--members of the Whackers and Voguers of the Great Northwest Facebook group--posted a transcendent clip of each other voguing their faces off in the aisles of a supermarket.

"Getting our groceries AND OUR LIFE!!!!!" the caption readd.

"Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that JELL-O!" Brandon yells, as Tracey crabwalks and sashays with Jell-O in hand.


Next up, Brandon serves some cooking oil realness, with Tracey riffing, "PAM! PAM is his JAM!"

"Gimme that, gimme that, gimme that PAM!"

David adds a divine crescendo--"gimme that HONEY...THAT HEN-NEYYY."

More splendor arises as the video goes on; watch for yourself.

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