In October, Twitter announced it would be shutting the 6-second looping video app Vine down forever. Twitter had reported a fall in profits and was about to lay off 350 employees, Vine was just another casualty of the company's redistribution. But yesterday the team behind Vine said they changed their mind about Vine--instead of shutting it down, they'd be simplifying it.

In a Medium post addressed to "Community and Creators," Team Vine said Vine would live on as a camera app. Starting in January users can use Vine Camera to record six-second looping videos which they can then download to their phones or post directly to Twitter. Users can't upload their videos to the Vine site, but they can continue using the site to browse old videos. The app will also become more streamlined with Twitter as there will now be a "Follow on Twitter" button for Vine account holders.

The original announcement that Vine would be shut down led to mass online outcry and creators and viewers aired their grievances on social media.

Vine won't be coming back in its full glory, but users will still be able to use the tool.

"Thank you for the culture that you have helped shape, and for the content you'll continue to make everywhere. You make the world a funnier, weirder, richer, more beautiful place," Team Vine wrote.

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