Vine user Pixelated Boat has created perhaps the greatest satire on the cult of celebrity that has ever hit the web.

The less-than-five second clip (that I've been looping on repeat for the past 20 minutes) begins as an E! News "Breaking Story" (URGENT!!!!) titled "Who is Jennifer Lawrence's new boyfriend?"

It ends with a slow zoom on J-Law's mystery beau, who turns out to be a cloaked demon with a cattle skull face, naturally!

Just imagine Giuliana Rancic enthusiastically saying, "Wow!" if this were a real bulletin.

It's simple, hilarious, and perfectly skewers the grossly mind-numbing fixation on celebrity that we're all guilty of.

Pixelated Boat has a whole slew of glorious gems, including this...

Bless you, P.B.

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