Director, musician, and adult male coyote Vincent Gallo is suing Facebook over their failure to remove a fake "Vincent Gallo" account that is currently wreaking havoc in his personal life. According to a complaint Gallo filed to a California court on Monday, in addition to posting contentious political videos and fooling many of Gallo's real friends, the fake account catfished Gallo's ex-girlfriend, convincing her to send him topless photos and make elaborate travel plans to visit him in Los Angeles. No!

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

"The two had Facebook messenger conversations for a period of two months, where Doe 1 flirted, sent nude pictures from the waist down, and convinced her not only to send nude pictures back, but to travel from Europe to the United States to visit him," states the complaint. "Once she solidified her plans to visit him, Doe 1 (the Fake Account proprietor) backed down and gave an excuse that he would be out of town during her planned visit. At this time, she sensed something was wrong and discovered, to her horror and embarrassment, that Doe 1 was in fact, not Mr. Gallo."

Gallo also alleges in his case, that faux-Gallo was sliding into many other unsuspecting women's DMs with a similar con, "repeatedly [engaging] females to have conversations that are sexual in nature, while pretending to be Mr. Gallo."

Gallo tried repeatedly to get the account removed through Facebook's official channels, but the verification of his identity was rejected, and the fake account still stands. Hence the lawsuit. He's suing Facebook as well as the John Doe behind the account, and is seeking special, consequential, and general damages. Until this matter is resolved, no Gallo can be trusted.

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