Vin Diesel recently told a charming story on Jimmy Kimmel Live about break-dancing for the Beastie Boys in the early eighties at Danceteria. Diesel said the Beasties spotted him breakin' on the street when he was 16 and asked him to perform with them at the storied Chelsea club, where he got in repeatedly afterward with his new cred. It was a delightful anecdote and Diesel was his big-muscley-puppy self telling it, except for one problem: Vin Diesel was never a dancer for the Beastie Boys. Ad-Rock was a guest on last night's Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he corrected Diesel's version of the story, guessing that perhaps one of the other Beastie Boys had told young Diesel he could pretend to be their dancer so he could get past the bouncers, but, otherwise, that was it. 

While that should settle things, all this interview does is raise more questions: The Beastie Boys had break-dancers? What does Ad-Rock mean when he says Diesel "Vanilla Iced?" Did Vanilla Ice also lie about being a breakdancer for the Beastie Boys? Did you know that Vanilla Ice is now on his fourth season of his home improvement show for the DIY network? Where are Ad-Rock's socks from? 

One thing, however, is certain: We're going to deeply dig through the Paper party photo archives in search of pics of teenage Vin Diesel hanging at Danceteria, because yes. We'll report back with our findings.  
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