A video of Vin Diesel from 1994, that was uploaded to YouTube last September, is currently making the Internet rounds.

In the bizarre clip, Vin is apparently working a humble, former gig of being the hype man for a line of "Street Shark" toys at a toy fair/tradeshow.

Donning a tight, leather vest that barely covers his absurdly ripped torso, the former breakdancer gives it his all, as he talks up the plastic predators in the most Vin Diesel way possible.

Some highlights:

"This is Boomer," Vin tells the camera; "He's a whale shark--the biggest of them all. Say hello to that round pound of mound."

"Boomer loves to tenderize the competition before he eats it."

(describing the Great White figure) "He's the leader of the Street Sharks; he's got the feel of real shark skin, and a round house punch that sends his competition to a watery grave."

Vin then goes behind a podium, tells the camera, "I've got something here with such FINTASTIC detail that it'll blow you away..."

...and holds up a shark puppet, roaring, "HAND SHARK!!!!!"


The grainy look of the film, the corny, vaguely erotic puns, and Vin's leather-clad, ear-pierced, tough guy persona makes this all seem like the beginning of some low budget retro gay porn.

I'm very OK with that.

Vin, you truly are a national treasure.

Watch the video below.

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