Villa Pacri: Hotspot Alert!

Peter Davis

In the same night (last Thursday), Fashion Week ended and the chicness began at the new restaurant Villa Pacri  on Gansevoort Street where Dom Perignon hosted a private dinner to celebrate NYFW's closing and the champagne brand's launch of "A Tribute to Andy Warhol" (bottles include a Warholian shield in three pop colors). Dinner guests were given a silver DP shield charm bracelet and ushered upstairs where there was enough Dom Perignon vintage 2000 to sink a ship and tons of Warhol decor -- like Brillo boxes and Polaroids. (DP was Warhol's fave champs to swill at Studio 54). The crowd? Vera Wang, Stuart Parr and Allison Sarofim, May Anderson, Jessica White, Mick Rock, Serena Altschul, Hannah Bronfman and boyfriend Asher Roth, Swizz Beats, Minnie Mortimer, Jamison Earnest, Marjorie Gubelmann, Sarah Howard, Nicky Hilton (who bopped over from the LAMB party a block away), Thom Felicia, Baz Luhrmann, Gossip Girl Jessica Szhor, Lennox Lewis, Andres Serrano, Tyson Ritter, Stephanie Pratt (so pretty in person and my new Twitter pal) and Courtney Love, who came from the Cinema Society party in time for the after-party at Villa Pacri's subterranean club Tzigan where the sofas are silver, which of course Andy would have adored.

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