Are you a horrible monster looking to commemorate the deep psychic pain of a father and husband in the grips of addiction and depression? Then have we got the super-cute Kurt Cobain suicide note t-shirt for you. Originally spotted by a Redditor as a tank-top for sale at Etsy shop "Spice Teen" (pause here to scream), the tops feature a screen-print of Cobain's heartbreaking note to Courtney Love and their baby daughter. Those Etsy designs have now been taken down. But if you're still looking to tell the world that you don't understand basic decency on a troubling, intrinsic level, Styleite points out that you can shop these shirts on Ebay in 3/4 baseball-shirt styles starting at a cool $25.19. If you need us, we'll be laying down in a dark room for the rest of the day.
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