Video Premiere: Going Raunchy With Boyfriend's "Swanky"

by Abby Schreiber

From the art school-educated street urchin antics of Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob to the couture-wearing, booty-shaking schtick of Iggy Azalea, we've seen a bunch of white lady rappers come up lately in this post-Gillette era. But it wasn't until New Orleans-based Boyfriend came along that we saw a rapper wearing granny glasses and thrift shop blouses while rapping about period sex and dildos. And while it might be tempting to write off the raunchy rhymes and a look pulled from the Williamsburg Buffalo Exchange as gimmicky, Boyfriend's got flow.

Talking to the artist the phone, Boyfriend (she wouldn't reveal her real name), explained how she got started in the rap game. "I don't play a single instrument," she said. "I'm the weird member of my family because I come from an entire family of songwriters. My dad is a country music songwriter with thirteen #1 songs...but I would freestyle drunkenly on occasion and I realized I was kind of good at it. Then I actually started writing and tried to sculpt more structure into my songs." And, after recording her first track "Hunch and Munch" two years ago, Boyfriend was born.

"[Boyfriend] is a word everyone feels some way about," she says on the topic of how she came up with the name. "Everyone either says, 'I want a boyfriend.' 'I love my boyfriend.' 'My boyfriend drives me crazy.' I also like the gender ambiguity to it."

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