Content Creator Vic Styles Is Stepping Up for Change

Content Creator Vic Styles Is Stepping Up for Change

Direction and editing by Annie Bercy

This article is a sponsored collaboration between SOREL and PAPER

Describing herself as a freelance "life-liver," Vic Styles is the ultimate inspiration through her blog,, which covers everything from self-care to self-love and self-expression. On it, she explores wellness, skincare, fashion, beauty and travel, all while opening up about intimate, personal stories from her own life.

"My purpose is to inspire — specifically women, more specifically women of color — to live their best lives, and overcome whatever obstacles they may have," she tells PAPER and SOREL. "I share those stories, especially the really horrific ones, to show people that it gets better."

Styles says she stays motivated from "hearing and seeing the way [women] are inspired by the things that I've overcome in my life," adding that "community" is what she's gained from her work.

The blogger's honesty allows for deeper connection with her audience. "I hope that when people look at my life they see that there is nothing special in me that you can't tap into or access yourself," Styles says.

As the final feature in PAPER's four-part video series with SOREL spotlighting Black changemakers who're stepping up (to inspire, educate, change and unite), watch how Vic inspires us to believe in ourselves, our dreams and our abilities.

Direction and editing: Annie Bercy
Photography: Chris Yang