Earlier today, Vic Mensa posted an Instagram in response to the shooting of Alton Sterling, in which he urges his followers to think about our culture's pervasive antiblackness and "reprogram" their outlooks.

"Does this face scare you? Would you cross the street if he asked if you wanted to buy a DVD? Would you even answer the question?" he wrote, referring to the fact that Sterling was shot while selling DVDs. "We need to reprogram. Our nations past bleeds into our present by raising us to think black is something to fear. The police officer that killed him was so scared of the idea of a black man with a gun that it didn't matter if he was reaching for it or threatening at all."

"I want you to look yourself in the eye," Mensa continues before ending, "We have to change. And it starts with each of us." Read the entire statement below.

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