Vetements may have redefined high-low fashion for the meme generation, but tragically the astronomical price points for their DHL, Titanic, and Snoop Dogg shirts keep some of the more budget-conscious hype beasts from having the Instagram photo shoots of their freshest fantasies. A $400 T shirt? In this economy?! It's just not realistic, sweetie.

Well, it appears that Demna and Gosha have heard the agonized wails of fuccbois the world over, creating an "entry level" T-shirt at the low low price of $175. It has all the hallmarks of a great Vetements shirt in that it says "Vetements' across the back of it (ensuring you get that crucial "who is he?" as they watch you walk away), and has a tiny 'STAFF' stitched in gold on the front of it. They're available now at SSENSE in black and white. I mean, you'd be crazy NOT to, right?

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