FINALLY!!!! Someone is designing and producing real true blue fashion accessories for vegans. And it's STELLA, of course. (McCartney!) Veganism has always been associated with frumpy granola style but after our recent trip to LA we see that vegetarianism and veganism is hitting the fashionable hip crowd bigtime. Leatherless should be made sexy! And there's lots of money to be made doing this. All the cute young vegetarians and vegans i know can never find good shoes or bags to wear. I've been saying for ages that someone should start  designing fabulous fashion without using leather.  So many companies come close to doing it fabulously but then drop the ball. Prada makes so many high tech fabric clothes, dresses and sport shoes but then sticks leather inside or adds tiny little leather details which are unnecessary. Now McCartney is introducing a whole line of fab designer shoes and bags (yup with good heels and chic styling) for all those cute kids. You'll see, this stuff will SELL! Check out the boots in this photo and the article about it in WWD today .


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