Vanity Fair Loves a Naked Lady!

Okay MM has to say something about Vanity Fair and the fact that they constantly showcase cute women in their panties, swimsuits or fully nude on their covers. MM hearts Vanity Fair big time and they have some of the best writing and high end photography around but is MM the only one who thinks it's sexist to always have the ladies naked? Take the Desperate Housewives cover of last year. These are actresses over 40 on America's number one show. If Vanity Fair did a cover of the men from Lost would they put them in their underwear or speedos? The closest they've ever come to that is Brad Pitt with his shirt open. I know sex sells and lots of magazines, Paper included, try to get sexy shots for the cover but this is ridiculous. Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, sexy Eastern European models, they're all styled like 60s Playboy centerfolds.
I don't expect naked men on the cover of Vanity Fair but I expect women to be treated seriously and respectfully and not in a way that makes me think the photo editor of Vanity Fair is a horny 65 year old man (meanwhile it's a woman!).
Right is super cutie/new VF cover girl Lindsay Lohan and, surprise, she's nude. See more photos here.


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