At this point, even your grandmother knows how to execute a tolerable duck face. Your tragically unhip friends fish gape. If you want anyone to think your selfies are fresh and exciting, you've got to find some new animal-inspired pose to contort your body into for maximum Insta-appeal.

Beauty vlogger Huda Kattan has got you covered with a move that she has dubbed "T-Rex Hands." It consists of artfully arranging your fingers into a vaguely claw like shape and then positioning it somewhere near your face. "Something just looks really elegant about your hand when it's bent that way," she shares. But, beware when deploying a T-Rex Hand, because "if you zoom out and you do it to both hands, you look kind of like a T-Rex." This seems like an excellent approach to upping your selfie game--not only will your hands look dainty, but you're also giving off the subliminal message that you are the King of the Dinosaurs and will chomp any haters who dare cross your comments. Win win!

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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