When you've a got a lipstick line called "Vice" and a badass spokesperson like Ruby Rose, there's only really one way to celebrate: By creating your own mini Shangri-la of sin in honor of those 100 new lip colors. On May 4, Urban Decay took the "Vice" theme and ran with it, turning the Greenpoint Terminal in Brooklyn into an alley full of winks to naughty indulgences, like an adult bookstore with brochures for the line, or the "No-Tell Motel," where guests could get that vintage SRO feel, lounging on a round bed and furs, or a pout-shaped couch, and getting their photo snapped. The party was stuffed with cheeky winks, like old-fashioned cigarette dispensers stocked with lipstick tubes, copies of this alternate world's local rag (The Village Vice, naturally), and plenty of flickering neon. Urban Decay spokesperson and face of the line, Ruby Rose, was on hand, as were YouTube beauty bloggers and make-up artists who were ready to help anyone who was curious about testing out one of the line's shades. Check out all the shots from the event in the slideshow below.

All photos by Jerm Cohen.

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