Are you an aging "young person" (or even... an adult) who is only vaguely aware of the internet and feels set upon by teens who increasingly resemble a pack of Periscoping hyenas? Are you a little behind on the trends and nervous that cool is slipping away from your peripheral vision? More importantly: Did a youth recently come up to you in a Footlocker, point at your feet, and yell, "WHAT ARE THOOOSE?" before running away cackling? Did this experience leaving you feeling scared and alone? This is for you.

Though the phrase had been around for a while, the current, hyper-meme-ified version of the phrase that's taken over Vine, "WHAT ARE THOOOSE?" originated with Brandon Moore, a.k.a. Young Busco, a man so heroic and virtuous he has literally been assaulted in the pursuit of answers to life's greatest question: "WHAT ARE THOOOSE?" In an Instagram video posted June 14, Moore asked this question of a police officer arresting a women for drinking in public, and launched a movement.

Free Myesha fast

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