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[UPDATE 08/10/15, 10:30 a.m.: According to director Alex Kazemi, the finale to his project "The Real-Time Suicide Note of Snapchat: Mudditchgirl91' has been uploaded. TW: The 12 second clip is slightly disturbing. Talk about an un-happy ending. R.I.P. Mudditchgirl91.]

Have you ever wondered what goes into being an Internet celebrity? What it's really like to play a character whose sole identity rests on online self-promotion? What it's like to be a girl who grows up on the Internet fancying herself an artisté? Well a real-time Snapchat short film that's been circulating this week online pretty much puts it all under a microscope for you and the results aren't exactly pretty.

An exploration of Internet voyeurism, exploitation and self-reflexivity in the age of virtual identity projection, it's a strange, disjointed and disturbing tale of cheez whiz, detergent pods and tongue-snipping. Cast via instagram and directed via FaceTime (if that's not Peak Internet, then we don't know what it is) it stars Tumblr sensation Internet Girl, aka Bella McFadden. Playboy dubbed it "The Weirdest Snapchat Story of All Time," Oyster said it "Will Make You Question the World" and even our March cover star Marilyn Manson wasn't quite sure what to make of it -- needless to say if the King of Creep doesn't get it, you probably won't either. 
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