Oh, OG Maco, we had such high hopes for you. But it looks like the leftfield, "don't give a fuck attitude" we lauded you for previously has actually become your downfall -- seeing as how you've just outed yourself as a secret Men's Rights Activist via Twitter.

You want to talk about "entitlement"? What about the entitlement that comes from you thinking you can buy us with what...a $200 breakfast? No. Woman. Owes. You. Anything. For. Buying. Her. A. Damn. Continental. Spread.

In fact, it doesn't matter if you flew her to Paris for a luxury viennoiserie spread, cause what happens if she isn't feeling you? BITCH, YOU GUESSED IT: You aren't owed shit. After all, she's ostensibly a rational human being with free will, the right to choose and all that other great stuff that comes with having a vagina in the 21st century.

Kind of ironic too, coming from a dude who also tweeted in the same hour:

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