Universal Sci-Fi Collection!

Universal made an exclusive deal with Best Buy for two great collections. The first is The Classic Sci-Fi box Ultimate Collection (Volume 2), which was the first to be released on Sept. 11th. It's a fabulous set, that includes The Leech Woman, Cult of the Cobra, The Land Unknown, The Deadly Mantis, Dr. Cyclops... all, save The Deadly Mantis. are beautifully remastered and proper ratio. But Christ, their marketing leaves much to be desired. You can't even find the box set on their web sites, and some Best Buys didn't carry them so fans had to scramble on Tuesday to snap these babies up. By 9 p.m. many stores were completely sold out of them. The Universal Horrors is out in October so I'm already hysterically mapping my game plan to find that one.

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