"Unedited Footage Of a Bear" Is The Most Terrifying Thing You'll Watch All Week

by Kyla Bills

Adult Swim's Infomercials, the series that brought us "Too Many Cooks," is back and more horrifying than ever. The new video they're airing at 4am to scare hapless, insomniac stoners is called "Unedited Footage of a Bear." And, á la "Too Many Cooks," it starts off pretty innocently as a parody of the faux-documentary style home videos that are all too familiar on YouTube. But then, the video cuts off and brings you to a parody of an allergy commercial for a fake medicine called "Claridryl" -- complete with a "Skip Add" button that brings you to the Claridryl homepage. But as the clip veers into absurd darkness, you get a hint that maybe Claridryl isn't exactly what it seems. It's not a video for the faint of heart but at the very least it'll shake up the monotony of your week by giving you some disturbing nightmares.

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