Haute Couture Week in Paris is happening right now, meaning it's a time for beautiful clothes, glamorous parties and apparently, racial slurs. Russian couture designer Ulyana Sergeenko, who is white, was put on blast after she sent a note to blogger Miroslava Duma (also white) which read: "To my n***as in Paris."

Duma shared the the note on her Instagram Story and both she and Sergeenko faced immediate backlash for using the term. This morning, Sergeenko posted an apology to Instagram, saying she woke up to hateful messages and that she only wrote the note because "Kanye West is one of my favorite musicians and NP is one of my most favorite songs. And yes, we call each other the N word sometimes when we want to believe that we are just as cool as these guys who sing it."

Not everyone was feeling the apology, though.

Image via BFA

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