These 'Ugly' Shoes Are Actually Hot AF

These 'Ugly' Shoes Are Actually Hot AF

Social media guru, model, and activist, Jazzelle Zanaughtti — more commonly known as Uglyworldwide — is ready to stomp out fashion month with her new collab from Palladium Boots, the Pallakix Ugly Worldwide.

The boot is a chunky mix between a pair of Chuck Taylors, high-fashion Timberlands, and an everyday running shoe. The shoes come in a red/yellow/black color range, matching their structures as uniquely streetwear-inspired boots, and versatile enough to pass as sneakers.

On each shoe, there's recognizable Uglyworldwide branding, like Jazzelle's signature band-aid logo or a globe model emblazoned with a curt "UGLY." Of the collection Jazzelle notes that these symbols are intentional, stating, "This shoe is a reminder to me that, as people, we are constantly healing, and we should accept ourselves for who we are and where we've been."

The shoes retail for €129,95-€149,95 and are available on Palladium's web store. Check out the full product range, below.

Photos courtesy of Palladium

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