Friends, countrymen, show me a duo more iconic than Tyler the Creator and Converse and I'll show you the door. Whereas celebrity collabs can always be hit or miss, Tyler's One Star collection (plus its accompanying clothing, surprise!) is so damn good it will no doubt resell on EBay for approx. 50,000 times the retail price in three years. In fact, it's already sold-out online, so you're going to want to go ahead and cop IRL tout suite.

The shoes, which come in four different color-ways and feature an insignia hand-drawn by Tyler himself, are available at Converse and Nike online stores, as well as select retailers across the US, Europe, Canada and South Africa. There are also hoodies and t-shirts available emblazoned with the artist's "GOLF" logo and, of course, flowers.

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Images courtesy of Converse.