Two's a Trend: Fresh-Faced Actors Starring in Deranged Filmmakers' Upcoming Projects

This is how our recurring series Two's a Trend works: If you spot something that has happened at least twice, you get to declare it a trend on (Like we did here, here, here, here, here and here.)

This week, two indie filmmakers known for their... well, alternative sensibilities, Harmony Korine and Gus Van Sant, have announced that they'll be teaming up with decidedly un-alternative actors on upcoming projects. Harmony Korine (yes, that Harmony Korine, he of Kids and Trash Humpers fame), has signed on to direct Spring Breakers, starring G-rated sweethearts Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez as three college girls who rob a restaurant to pay for their spring break trip. Meanwhile, Gus Van Sant (you've all seen Drugstore Cowboy, right?) has tapped Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner to star in a small-budget film based on a New Yorker article. Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is writing the script, which raises the inevitable question: "Will Tay play gay?"

So what's next? Will Ashley Tisdale star in the next Todd Solandz movie? Will Lars von Trier team up with the kid who plays Manny on Modern Family for his next twisted, pshyco-sexual drama? Maybe!

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