Two's a Trend: Everyone's Saying "It's Been a Minute"!

Today's installment of our (now slightly more regular than it's been the past) feature "Two's a Trend" is for the linguistics majors out there! Last night, at the screening of Adam Green's film The Wrong Ferrari, we were chatting with our buddies Andrew Andrew, when we overheard a woman behind us say to someone else, "Wow, It's been a minute since I've seen you!" As in, wow, it had actually been a while (more than a minute) since she'd seen her friend. I said that I liked this phrase to one of the Andrews, who noted, "yeah, people are saying this now!"*

Fast-forward to this morning when I was g-chatting my friend Matthew Schneier. I mentioned this new phrase to him, and he responded: "Oh, I've been saying that a lot." Apparently, he picked it up from a fashion editor friend of his.

See you all in a minute, with our next Two's a Trend blog!!!

UPDATE: According to my buddy Jozen Cummings, people have been saying this for sort of a long time. I guess you win some and you lose some when you're attempting to be a trend-forecaster!

Pictured above: A still from trendsetter Missy Elliott's video for "One Minute Man."

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