Two's a Trend: Clarins Heiresses!

Alexis Swerdloff

This is how our recurring series Two's a Trend works: If you spot something that has happened at least twice, you get to declare it a trend on (Like we did here, here, here, here, and here.) Our latest installment is appropriately Fashion Week-related, and here is what happened: First, while checking out Patrick McMullan's pics of the Vena Cava show, we noticed two beautiful blonde girls looking chic and color-coordinated in the front row. Their names, Claire Courtin-Clarins and Virginie Courtin-Clarins, sounded fancy and foreign, but we thought not much of it. Then, while perusing Billy Farrell's coverage of Andy Valmorbida and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld's RETNA opening, we spotted them yet again, but this time with a third Courtin-Clarins, Jenna Courtin-Clarins. Our interest officially piqued, we took things to, where we learned that the Courtin-Clarinses (or is the plural of Courtin-Clarins actually Courtins-Clarins, à la Attorneys General?) are the French daughters of Clarins chairman Christian Courtin-Clarins! So there you have it: the Courtin-Clarins heiresses, about which there is frustratingly little on the Internet, have gone to two Fashion Week events in one day. Will they become the new Traina sisters? Will one of them start dating a Santo Domingo? Will another launch a handbag line? Or will they fly back to France today, and never show their (very nicely moisturized) faces in this town again? Stay tuned.

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