Two of My Favorite Arists: Karen Kimmel and Tauba Auerbach

Two of my favorite artists -- who I am lucky enough to also call friends -- just finished their websites, and I can finally show off why I love these two women and what they do. Go and look at both of these sites and really spend some time looking at what they do.

1) Karen Kimmel is one of the most amazing artists I have ever met. Her work is brilliant and really hard to explain to people. Whenever I try to explain it I realize that its useless unless you experience it. Her work is performative and experiential. She carries through her amazing pristine modern visual aesthetic into everything she does but that is really only the surface of her work. I wont try to explain it... just go and look at her "social sculptures." These are situations that she sets up with very vigorously defined boundaries and aesthetics but she invites others to enter the experience and make decisions/choices that effect the end art product. She, in essence, gives away control of some of the art decision-making and then takes the results back and repurposes it into her art. Hard to explain. Just go and look. Its amazing. Look at her site here. Spend some quality time really exploring what she does. It is mindbending.

2) My other favorite artist who I can't stop talking/writing about is the San-Francisco-based artist Tauba Auerbach whose work is incredible. Auerbach's inspiration is the alphabet and language. She has done everything from spelling out the alphabet (see above) to alphabatizing the bible (REALLY!). Her work is extraordinary and a treat to look at it all on her amazing site. Check out her new website. It's also a mind-blower.

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