Two Future Queens of the Netherlands!

MM knows it's slightly freakish that he posts pictures of royal kiddies on a blog that is otherwise comprised of male escorts in various stages of undress, cruelty-free fashion tips and high fashion glamour shots from the past and present. It's not meant to be dirty, it's meant to celebrate the royal toddlers.

This shot is Maxima, Crown Princess of the Netherlands, a favorite of Mr. Mickey's. She was an Argentine-born commoner and MM admits to being a big enough monarchist snob that he was opposed to the marriage at first. Maxima, however, has totally won everyone over. Here she is in her native Argentina with her darling little daughters Alexia (in her arms) and Amalia, who will one day be Queen of the  Netherlands. You royal watchers know that the past three rulers of the Netherlands have been women: Queens Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix. Maxima is married to Beatrix's son Willem-Alexander who will be the first King of the Netherlands since 1890.


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