Two For the Price of One! Phillip Bloch Gets Interviewed by Two PAPERMAG Reporters in One Day.

Mickey Boardman & Michel Serruya
Two of PAPERMAG's star reportahs caught up with and chatted up Phillip Bloch yesterday. He is quite hilarious, that Bloch! First off, check out MM's q&a with him at Barneys and then Michel Serruya's tête-à-tête at Milk Studios.

Mickey Boardman: If you had to date a fashion designer, if you were single, are there any fashion designers you kind of have a crush on?
Phillip Bloch: Well I would clearly only be dating them for the clothes. In that case I would have to say probably Rick Owens. I think that Alexander [McQueen] had an enfant terrible thing I could relate to. John Galliano used to have a terrible crush on me back in the day. He did! John will admit it! I modeled in his first couple shows.

MB: Oh, fabulous.
PB: And let's see. Tom Ford is pretty deboniare. Thing is, I like the brothers and unfortunately there are no black boys designing! Give a black boy a chance.

MB: It's true. That should be our goal, get Phillip a boyfriend.
PB: Give a brother a break, get a boyfriend. What's that saying? Just two sticks in a dark room away from being gay.

MB: OK... we have a headline. Anyway, we were just talking about how you used to date Robert Boyken.
PB: I used to date Robert Boyken, who owned Hurrah and then after Robert and I broke up, Marc (Jacobs) went out with him for years.

MB: So you sort of have had a fashion boyfriend.
PB: Sorta, yeah. Through osmosis or a communicable disease. (laughs)

MB: Thank you babes.
PB: But we've all been treated!

MB: Good to know, good to know.


Michel Serruya: Tell me about your look.
PB: I went to Express and bought 13 shirts for less than $300. I bought this shirt in every color.

MS: First thing on your mind when you woke up this morning?
PB: 'How I am going to get through this week?' I have so much going on. I'm a developing a TV show; I'm finishing up a book that I have coming out; and then there's the stress of real estate in New York -- I have four apartments and only one ass to put in them! And an hour later, it all became a lot clearer that the little things in life are important and not the big things and you look at Alexander McQueen, and you realize that it's such a thin line that makes it unbearable to keep going. And I'm here wondering how to make it through Fashion Week.


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