A big part of what makes Twitter great is how it forces people to be brief. The 140-character limit contains people's stupid entertaining thoughts and forces them to do away with all the fluff. However, Recode has reported that forced sentence-brevity may no longer be Twitter's focus as CEO Jack Dorsey posted a Tweet hinting at an extended character limit.

The social media service isn't afraid of ditching brand-specific characteristics in the name of platform evolution. For example, the 140-character limit for direct messages was abolished a few months back (letting you hit up your Twitter-crush with a couple of nudes and an essay on how much you love them) along with the need to both be following each other in order to DM someone (allowing you to hit up your celebrity crush with a couple of nudes and an essay on how much you love them).

Users are already thinking of the many ways this will backfire, with one noting:

@AtlasSmugged via Twitter.

It seems the big wigs at Twitter HQ have already foreseen problems like this (as Twitter's main user demographic are a bunch of cheeky smartasses) and are considering a "call to action" function where you'd have to press a Tweet to expand it, thus maintaining the 140-character look on people's feeds.

Twitter hasn't officially confirmed this change however in the wake of all the alterations the social media service implemented in 2015, it doesn't seem like an impossibility.

RIP Twitterstorm rants.

[h/t Recode]

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