Chrissy Teigen has been defending herself on Twitter after saying she isn't offended by the word "oriental" this morning.

Last night, the half-Thai Teigen tweeted that she was "not a PC type of gal" but was definitely a "little weirded out at the oriental dressing option on my flight," following that sentiment up with acknowledgement that the term itself is an outdated term to refer to all-things Asian from a Western perspective.

However, after another user asked if "oriental" was offensive, she responded by saying "Not offensive, really. Just weird. Old school. Just say Asian." -- which is where she ran into some trouble.

She then continued to clarify that while she wasn't personally offended by the term, it's definitely not a word anyone should be using in 2016, saying people who use it tend to be older and it's mostly just the result of "forgivable ignorance."

She also said that if someone doesn't know to use "Asian-American" i.e. "ignorance without malice," she didn't feel like it was necessary to get mad. However, many argued that even tolerating unintentional, non-malicious ignorance was just another way of maintaining the status quo and perpetuating racial insensitivity.

Teigen, for one, didn't back down and continued to respond to other users all morning.

You know, just another day on the Internet.

photo by David X Prutting/

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